directioner archyhis: tutorial cute emotion kt FB (new)
under constructions !!

tutorial cute emotion kt FB (new)



firts , bka chatbox la kan..
then paste kan kod dy..
nk boh gmbr sendiri pun bole..
klau nk tahu , kena tanya dulu..

ni ada beberapa kod .. bole ambil..

Angry Bird--> [[166456416741199]] 
Shin Chan --> [[196431117116365]] 
Doraemon --> [[155393057897143]] 
Spongebob --> [[334954663181745]] 
Domo --> [[250128751720149]]

korang just ambil kod blakang tu je tau!! 


Putwaa amirul said...

Yelarh tadie dah try boleyh thanks ajar benda baru :)

zatidiaryy said...


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